Time for change

We live in challenging times – vote for Susan Pearson as your new Alderwoman and your voice in shaping the City as the place to live, work and visit. 

I was first elected to Court of Common Council in March 2017 and was delighted to be re-elected earlier this year. Most of our long standing Cripplegate Councillors retired and we now have a new cohort of Councillors from more diverse backgrounds. Our different ages, professional and life experience have brought a much more dynamic focus to our work representing you.

This is echoed in the Court itself, where 38% of the members are newly elected and the Court of Aldermen is also changing with four new aldermen, including Barbican resident, Christopher Makin. This is a real opportunity for new voices to be heard, and to work collaboratively, transparently, and with accountability.

Why am I running for Alderwoman?

Now, with the full support of all my fellow Cripplegate Councillors, Alderman Christopher Makin, retired Councillor John Tomlinson, and Chairs of both Barbican Association and Golden Lane Estate Residents Association (GLERA), I am standing in the Aldermanic election on 15 September. As an Alderwoman I will be able to continue my work for residents in Court, supporting you and your elected representatives, but also have a role in promoting the City of London world-wide.I want to be instrumental in building and maintaining a sustainable and world leading place to live and work, whilst preserving our City’s outstanding heritage, as a place to visit. Residents are key to making the City what it is, a unique balance of business, finance, heritage, culture and community. 

A bit about me

I know that, despite my door knocking during the run up to the elections last March, there are many resident voters that I have not met, so here is a bit about me. I’ve lived in the ward since 2006 when I moved to London for work. I’m an architect who specialised in my last 20 years in airport planning and design. Retirement gave me a chance to get more involved in the community on Golden Lane Estate where I live and I became increasingly dismayed at the state of disrepair of the estate and the lack of any drive to get it remedied. The 2017 elections gave me a chance to do something about it, to support residents and businesses across the Ward and to fight for the voices of residents to be heard.

My track record

Planning: As a member of the Planning Committee, I have spoken out and voted against applications where residential amenity is threatened in terms of privacy, daylight, sunlight and noise nuisance, as well as against applications that are simply out of scale and inappropriate. I am not against tall towers and more offices, but I am concerned about the creep of ever taller buildings and the demolition of fairly recent buildings, with all their embodied carbon, that could with some creative thought be refurbished. 

I co-sponsored a petition to call for the reform of the City’s planning process. It was strongly supported by City residents, especially in the Barbican and Golden Lane.

Services: On the Community and Children’s Services Committee I have spoken out for better services for our elderly, our carers and the need for more support and facilities for our young people and the vulnerable in our society. I have also pressed to ensure that the work to our homes is carried out properly and have been seeking additional funding for the housing account to pay for all the work needed to bring Golden Lane homes up to standard. 

I proposed and voted in favour of a motion at Court of Common Council to fund the acceleration of the renovation of the City’s housing estates.

Businesses: I want to make sure that our small businesses survive. These are still difficult times -workers are returning, but not for the full five days. The closing of the Museum of London and the loss of footfall will be another blow to our economy. I want local businesses to be supported whenever possible to continue to make a valuable contribution to our community.

I voted in favour of the creation of a Covid recovery support fund for small businesses in the City – an amendment to a budget recommendation that did not include provision for this purpose.

Climate: Outside Common Council I don’t have as much time as I would wish, but I’m a keen supporter of climate action. This includes being actively involved with Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero and the Golden Lane Bike Project (sponsoring a successful application for a £50k grant from the City of London Community Infrastructure Fund). I have been an enthusiastic member of the Golden Baggers for many years and love digging on my allotment!

Making a difference as your Alderwoman

Post pandemic our City faces new challenges. It must move faster to become carbon neutral, truly diverse and inclusive. It must adjust to changing working practices and start to listen to not just the needs of big business, but to those of its residents and SMEs who form the backbone of a vibrant, living city. I want to help to steer that change on your behalf.

Working with Cripplegate councillors, our resident associations, and colleagues in Aldersgate, but most importantly your support, I want to be your local champion in a Court of Aldermen dominated by outside interests:

  • Representing your issues and challenges
  • Championing the City to create a broader economic base that is truly diverse, socially inclusive, with a vibrant culture making it the best place to live
  • Campaigning to protect the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates from inappropriate developments 
  • Pushing for timely, quality and climate sensitive repairs and refurbishments
  • Supporting initiatives to enhance a better quality of life for all, including a sustainable and greener City environment
  • Fighting to improve radically how the City communicates and consults
  • Remaining visible, available and proactive for the needs of our residents and small businesses

Your voice in the City, your voice for the City. 

I hope you will support me in the election on 15 September. 

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