What I am standing for

More consultation – more accountability

Consultation, when it happens at all, happens too late and we – the residents – are bounced into acceptance.

We are surrounded by development sites but our voices are not always listened to. I will try to make sure that we are asked in good time about developments that affect our lives, that we have a chance to have our say and be listened to before decisions are made and that we understand the reason and costs, financial and social, of the changes proposed.

More representation for Golden Lane Estate

Golden Lane residents are 30% of the voting population of Cripplegate.

We need residents’ voices in Common Council. We need people who know the problems of living here. I’ve lived on the estate for nine years and understand many of the issues we face.

Care, health and wellbeing

Children and young people; people with mental health issues; older people; lonely and isolated people: all of these groups need more support.

I want to see the social value of places like the Golden Lane Community Centre recognised and built on.

With the growing resident population I want to make sure that the social and educational facilites that are needed will be provided.

Decent homes

Council tenants need decent homes, decent repairs and a decent service from the City of London. We want decent homes, decent space with proper facilities.

I will fight for these standards to be met now

Timely repairs and maintenance – right first time!

We wait and wait for action. Contractors come and do something. It doesn’t work. They come again.

This back-and-forth costs us time and money!

The tiles fell off one side of Stanley Cohen House in April 2015. For the past two years the residents of this Grade 2 Listed building have had their building ends covered with black plastic. To date the City have not even applied for listed building approval to replace the tiles. How many years do we have to wait. I will make sure this is remedied and this kind of wait does not happen again.

I want to make sure that there are proper performance records; that we are regularly informed about them; that surveys have relevant questions; that the City is held accountable for delays and poor work.

Air quality and green spaces

The air we breathe is polluted.

I want to make sure that we make every effort to improve it: I don’t just mean traffic pollution, but also the pollution caused on construction sites. Contracts must include clauses about clean operation including no idling when delivering. The use of generators and other polluting equipment.

The outdoor spaces on Golden Lane Estate are tired and grey. We will soon have a new play area but we need more green spaces that residents can enjoy.  I will seize every opportunity to improve the quality of all outdoor spaces and look to create more

 New developments and social housing

We live in 20th century listed buildings, a tribute to the foresight of the City of London after the war. We need that vision today. New developments must be sympathetic to the architecture that surrounds us – not just built to squeeze the last penny out of the site.

I will work to make sure that more affordable homes are created in all developments to provide homes for the people who support the City businesses and keep it working. We need decent homes for all. I support the plans to build new social housing on the old Richard Cloudesley site, BUT we want a decent design, not over-development.

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