Susan Pearson Common Councilman

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I was elected as Common Councilman on Thursday March 23rd 2017.

There was a turnout of 900 voters. 37.8% of the total eligible to vote.

I got 558 votes, over 100 more than the nearest candidate. I had the highest number of votes cast in the City of London.

This is thanks to the voters of the Golden Lane Estate who turned out in unprecedented numbers to support me, giving me a strong mandate to challenge the City of London and get something done about the state disrepair of our wonderful Grade 2 and 2* Listed Estate.

These are the key issues that I stood for.

  • More consultation – more accountability
  • More representation for Golden Lane Estate
  • Better care, health and wellbeing provision for residents and workers
  • Timely repairs and maintenance for our properties- getting it right first time!
  • Decent homes for all, considered new developments  and more social housing
  • Better air quality and green spaces

I stand by these aims and will work for the next four years to make Cripplegate a better place to live and work.

Find out more about my platform or about me