Susan Pearson Common Councillor

I was re-elected on March 24 2022 with over 680 votes.

A big thank you to all my supporters.

You can read about some of the issues I’ve been involved in over the past five years in my News blog 

I serve on the following committees:

  • Barbican Residential Committee
  • Community and Children’s Services Committee
  • Planning and Transportation Committee
  • Streets and Walkways Sub Committee
  • Local Plan Sub Committee

The past five years have been a learning experience and I have fought hard to get the residents’ voices heard. These are the issues that I will continue to fight for:

  • Our homes must be made warm and sustainable as soon as possible, particularly in the light of rising energy costs and the climate crisis.
  • Major works and repairs must be carried out as part of a coherent, thought out strategy, properly and fairly consulted on with residents.
  • Residents must have more say in local developments like the Barbican Centre, 1 Golden Lane and London Wall Bastion House and the Museum  of London site.  These cannot be dictated by business interests alone.
  • The City needs a better strategy, with resident input, for dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  • A strong voice for residents without whom the City of London would not be a local authority. 
  • More consultation and more accountability.
  • Care, health and wellbeing.
  • Better air quality, more biodiversity and improved green space.

I will work for the next three years to make Cripplegate a better place to live and work. Find out more about my platform or about me