What a good public meeting

What a good public meeting last night! Around 120 people, some who were just hearing about the proposal for the first time. I’m so proud to be part of such a strong community. As happened when the City threatened our Community Centre the residents stood together. In that case the City backed down, listened to us and came up with  proposals we could agree to. This time they have gone even further in the process without consulting on a scheme that will affect not just residents on the Estate but Islington residents on the Peabody Estate and in Banner Street. This cannot continue to happen. If elected I will make it a priority to find out about all the plans and proposals around our estate and in the area generally and make sure we are consulted. Where are the facilities to support the extra numbers. I worry that the City is not looking at the support systems that go with more people. We need to know their plans and I will try and find them! How shocking to hear last night a City Officer quoted as saying that people in social housing don’t have cars…  what happens to disabled people who need to park near their home? The proposed development is a scheme with no parking, balconies facing the morning rather than afternoon and evening sun. No open space. Social housing should be decent housing, well thought out and designed like our own homes.

I have spent a busy day getting more signatures for the petition and tweeting about it. I think that the way the school hall will affect the allotments needs to be highlighted. They are an oasis of calm, and a place where residents come together to relax and socialise. Its also somewhere that we can be proud of. We regularly win awards and have hundreds of visitors every June in Open Garden Squares Weekend, all of who are amazed to find such a lovely spot in the centre of the City.

I took some photos for Charles Humphries in the hope that his computer whizz, who has made the great visualisations, can do something to show the impact on the allotments.

The blossom on the trees is amazing at the moment and Silver Birch are one of the best trees for reducing air pollution. If the school hall is built as planned they will all go along with the flowering cherry and lilac which appears later in the spring.

We all need to work together to to oppose this and the twin tower of Bernard Morgan House where Taylor Wimpey have made little effort to react to any of the objections raised by Golden Lane and Barbican. I hope a journalist will take up the story.


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